Waste Disposal Facilities

Waste Disposal Facilities

MJ Church operates a variety of waste disposal sites ranging from exempt environmental schemes accepting inert materials, to our Warmley transfer station, processing general commercial and industrial waste. In addition, our experienced staff are able to offer bespoke waste management solutions to include hazardous waste disposal and non hazardous waste disposal.

We pride ourselves on our target of recycling 90% of waste and are always striving to find alternative means of recycling to avoid materials being landfilled.

Waste Transfer Stations

Our waste transfer stations are at Warmley in Bristol; Marshgate in Swindon and Braydon in Malmesbury and are able to accept a wide range of commercial, industrial and inert wastes from both the MJ Church skip business and our external customers.

The Transfer Stations operate a range of mechanical and manual processes to ensure that approximately 90% of waste material tipped on site is ultimately recycled.

Braydon in Malmesbury is also a fully licensed scrap yard open from 7.30am to 5.00pm – We offer Immediate Settlement for scrap!

For more information please contact Ben Staff on +44(0)1225 891591