Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials / Aggregates / Topsoils

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MJ Church produces an extensive range of recycled aggregates and soils offering a cost effective alternative against using primary materials.

Inert waste material such as hardcore, asphalt, concrete and soils removed from construction and demolition sites is selectively sorted, screened and crushed using our own crushing and screening equipment to produce various quality recycled products for re-use within the construction industry.

To ensure the quality of our recycled products we selectively sort our source material and rigorously test our finished products in our own materials testing laboratory to achieve the highest standards.

As a result of new legislation and ever increasing transport and disposal cost, crushing and screening of recyclable waste material is a key factor to reduce cost and reduce volume of waste material unnecessarily being sent to landfill sites.

Recycled Aggregates
M J Church can supply a broad range of quality recycled products offering a cost effective alternative to traditionally available primary aggregates.
* Crushed concrete – Recycled Type 1 Graded sub-base
* 40mm & 75mm Down Recycled Aggregate (6F1 & 6F2 Fill Material)
* 40mm & 75mm Single size Recycled Aggregate (Drainage material)
* 10mm – 20mm Single size Recycled Aggregate (Pipe Bedding)
* Recycled Crushed Aggregate Fines (Dust)
* Road Planings and Crushed Asphalt
* Random Cotswold Walling Stone

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