Over 72 hours in December 2018, teams from MJ Church, Highways England, Hanson Contracting, Forest Support Services and Bath Demolition embarked on a major project to remove toll booths from the M4 to allow the traffic to cross the bridge into Wales toll free!

Four months in the planning, the teams worked through the traffic with lane closures to allow toll booths 5 & 6 to be demolishing for three lanes of traffic through the bridge once work was complete.

The hard work and effort from all the teams paid off with the work completing on time despite the weather. At 7am on Monday the 17th of December the first official and public vehicles drove over the bridge toll free. Celebrations were brief as everyone them moved onto the M48 for another 48 hours of work to remove the tolls.

We filmed, with time-lapse photography, the progress of the teams.

Watch our video to see ‘How we did it”.